What is KARADA?

Karada is not just a “massage”, we are not a traditional Indonesian massage, Chinese massage, Shiatsu Japanese style, or Chiropractic. We analyze every technique in the world, developing, sorting out and eventually formed a technique that called as AP Balance.
AP Balance is a therapy that focuses on identifying the causes of discomfort in the body, increasing blood flow and improving your posture. We promote innovation in healthcare, providing services according to the needs of our customers.
Generally, normal massage/spa salons just relax the stiff muscles of the body so the relief is temporary. But in KARADA, we assess and address the source of body problems (pain) to prevent them from occurring again. KARADA has the concept of open space, lively atmosphere and a bright setting different from the usual massage salon with a closed, quiet and dim atmosphere. Our concept is wellness through prevention. Massage salons can ease muscle pains but it can only do so during the session. Our treatment prevents body pains from occurring again because we overcome it from the source of the problem. That's why, we are not just a place for relaxation but to revitalize your body.


KARADA Factory was founded in Japan by Koyasu Yuki. The very first KARADA Factory outlet was established in Yokohama. Since its establishment in 2001, KARADA has more than 300 outlets in the world and has opened 3 outlets in Indonesia (KARADA Taman Anggrek, KARADA PIK Avenue, KARADA Citywalk Sudirman).


Trust and be trusted


Be reliable


Be sincere


Never settle for anything less


120% customer satisfaction


Service above self